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Best Emergency Gear

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These tech gadgets for emergencies will help you weather the storm.

Where will you be when it all goes down? At home, at the office or on the road in some far-flung locale where you don’t speak the language? Whether it’s putting a strong password on your phone or backing up your laptop, the centerpiece of all good computing habits is preparedness. But what happens if the power’s out, or insurgents are at the front gates? I’ve compiled a collection of gadgets that covers all the basics for tech-based emergency needs. Here you’ll find items you can safely pack in your baggage, plus a few designed to keep the items in that bag alive when you’re back at home or in the office.


When Tech Can’t Do Everything

Phones and GPS units won’t solve every problem. In addition to plenty of water, food and clothing to cover any emergencies if you have to hole up for a few days, here are some other essentials to have as part of your home or office emergency kit.

  1. A powerful flashlight with fresh batteries or an alternate power solution, like a hand crank.

  2. A small knife and a multitool.

  3. A first aid kit.

  4. Pepper spray.

  5. A portable water filter or purifier (which make water taste better than using iodine tablets to clean it).

  6. A fire-starting system, either waterproof matches or an all-weather flint and steel kit.

  7. A corded phone. If you still have functioning landlines, remember, cordless phones won’t work if the power is out. A corded phone ($5 or less at any drugstore) will.

Christopher Null has been a technology journalist for 20 years. He was the founding editor of Mobile PC magazine and has written about technology for outlets such as Yahoo!, Wired and PC World. No slouch under the hood of a PC, he assembled a computer in seven minutes when competing in the TigerDirect Charity PC Race at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. He can be reached at editor@executivetravelmag.com.

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