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Best Hotel Gyms

© Courtesy of Jumeirah Beach Hotel

From a sprawling 47th-floor room in Tokyo with Mount Fuji views to a 200,000-square-foot fitness zone in Seattle, these hotel gyms inspire you to get moving.

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Did fitness make your list of New Year’s resolutions? If so, hotels are here to help. Properties around the world are capitalizing on a growing interest in mindful living by pumping dollars into pumping iron.

We’re not just talking about spa resorts, either. Urban, business-minded hotels are rocking the fitness market. “Gone are the days of a couple of old treadmills in the basement,” says Jason Friedman, general manager at The Siam, one of central Bangkok’s newest boutique properties. “We know that the size and quality of fitness facilities are a prominent factor in the decision-making matrix of hotel guests.”

State-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable trainers are the baseline of quality gyms, but some properties have taken amenities to a new level. Friedman, for example, added a full Muay Thai training ring, noting that it was a natural extension of The Siam’s commitment to local experiences: “Kickboxing was a logical choice because it’s such a uniquely Thai way to stay in shape.”

Hotels have also placed a premium on gym architecture and design. Take the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel, which offers exercisers jaw-dropping panoramic city views from its 55th-floor perch, or the Four Seasons Park Lane, where guests can take a visual tour of London’s most iconic sites—Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, among others—without leaving the treadmill.

The fitness center at Tokyo’s Park Hyatt, which has views of snowcapped Mount Fuji, has more than incredible scenery. Good Night Sleep Stretch sessions, the latest addition to Park Hyatt’s gym class roster, target jet-lagged road warriors. Similarly, Westin’s New Balance gear-lending program ensures that travelers who forgot their kicks can still squeeze in a workout between meetings.

Or why not pick up weights during a meeting? “We see more travelers convening with peers and establishing business relationships on the floor of the club and in the locker room,” says Mark Stevens, regional director at the Houstonian Hotel, Club, & Spa. Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s general manager, Mahmoud Sakr, says he’s also seen his Dubai property’s gym evolve into a place for networking. After all, “there is a certain amount of trust gained by spotting a fellow gym user out in the real world,” he rightly observes.

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