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Best iPad Accessories

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Upgrade your tablet with these accessories.

By now you have probably been converted: You love your iPad. Don’t know what you did without it. You’re drowning in apps. Well, now it’s time to make that tablet do even more, with a little help from an accessory or two. There are literally hundreds of add-ons on the market to choose from, though, so here’s a little help cutting through the clutter, broken up by category.

Christopher Null has been a technology journalist for 20 years. He was the founding editor of Mobile PC magazine and has written about technology for outlets such as Yahoo!, Wired and PC World. No slouch under the hood of a PC, he assembled a computer in seven minutes when competing in the TigerDirect Charity PC Race at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. He can be reached at editor@executivetravelmag.com.

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