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ET Picks: Best Phone and Tablet Apps

© Courtesy of Rolling Train / Crimson Bamboo / GPSmycity.com / iTriage / Triposo

Our five favorite phone and tablet apps this season.

Got India?

iPhone/iPad; $10
If you’re heading to India for business, good luck with the locals: The country is home to nearly 30 languages, each with a million-plus speakers. Got India? can help you learn key phrases in 10 of the biggest tongues.


iPhone; free
This tourism app covers both popular and less mainstream destinations (including parts of Albania, Cambodia and Indonesia) and offers a twist: Photos show you your location the way it looked in the distant past. It’s living history on your phone.


iPhone/Android/Palm; free
Head cold got you down? Try dengue fever. iTriage can help diagnose illnesses, but it also refers you to the nearest medical facility if you can’t heal thyself in the hotel room. More countries are being added every month.

GPS My City

iPhone; $5 per city
The massive number of city-oriented walking guides available here will get you from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, and each downloads fully to your phone to help avoid racking up nasty international roaming fees.


iPhone/iPad/Android; free
On a budget? The city and country guides provided by Triposo (all offline and downloadable) are completely free.

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