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Cuff Links Are Making a Comeback

Rethink what you think you know about cuff links.

Special sets of cuff links are moving to center stage as television and film start to take cues from office attire of the 1960s. Envision the ad execs in the TV series Mad Men or Leonardo DiCaprio in the Sam Mendes film Revolutionary Road, and you’ll see why designers are tailoring their offerings this spring to include professional suits that beg for a French-cuff shirt accented by cuff links. Even for out-of-the-office affairs, designers are creating casual shirts that demand a pair of cuff links. Wear them to off-the-cuff cocktail parties or even casual meetings with your peers, and you’ll always create the impression of a put-together wardrobe.

Rules of adornment

Cuff links are appropriate with any shirt that has French cuffs. They dress up a more business-casual look, even when you aren’t wearing a tie.

Keep it clean

Like your watch, your cuff links may become a conversation starter, so be sure to clean them regularly with mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush.

Protect the shine

When packing, resist the urge to place your cuff links in the button holes on your shirt, since they are easily dislodged by movement. Instead, wrap them in tissue, place them in a plastic bag and stash them in your dob kit. Better yet, invest in a travel accessories box, such as one from ghurka.com, that’ll hold two belts and your cuff links, too.

Mix your metals

Forget outdated fashion advice that says to never mix metal tones in jewelry. That’s just not so anymore—unless you’re wearing a tie bar, in which case the metals should always match those of your cuff links.

1. Double-Ender 14K Gold with Tiger's eye accents

$950, Dolan Bullock, Bianca Jewelers, NYC

2. Double-Wrapped 14K Gold with Cushion-Cut Tiger's Eyes

$1,200, Dolan Bullock, Bianca Jewelers, NYC

3.Platinum-Plated with Dinosaur-Bone Inlay

$380, Montblanc 800-995-4810 montblanc.com

4. Signature Sterling Silver with Wood Inlay

$500, Tiffany & Co. 800-526-0649

5. Sterling Silver and Red Lacquer

$530, Cartier 800-CARTIER cartier.com

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