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Delta's New Airplane Seats

© Sorbetto / istock.com

Delta has added new economy class seats for long-haul flights.

Delta Air Lines is rolling out premium economy seats on its long-haul international flights. Seats in the new Economy Comfort section provide up to four additional inches of legroom and recline 50 percent more than those in regular economy. (The seat width of 17 to 18 inches remains the same.) Delta is installing the new configuration in the first few rows of the economy cabins in more than 160 aircraft. The new class includes early boarding and free liquor; travelers can purchase the seats by paying an extra $80 to $160 each way in addition to coach-class fare. The highest-ranking frequent fliers and travelers on full-fare economy tickets will be accommodated without extra charge, while lower-ranking elite frequent fliers will pay less.

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