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Essential Travel Safety Tips

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How to stay safe and healthy when you travel.

A political uprising in Libya. An economic revolt in Greece. A hotel hostage siege and fire in India. A hotel fire in China. An express street kidnapping in Latin America. Or a simple case of Montezuma’s revenge. Travel can be risky business whether your destination includes civil unrest or not. But there are steps you can take to mitigate those risks.

Before you buy your ticket, consider: Do you really need to make this trip? suggests Robert L. Oatman, president of R. L. Oatman & Associates, certified protection professional and author of Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era. But Oatman realizes some trips are necessary. “You can’t do business if you don’t get out from behind your desk,” he says. “After 9/11, businesses were stale because people were afraid to travel.” You already know to check out U.S. State Department advisories and warnings about what countries to avoid. Now weigh the benefits of the trip against the risks of what could happen while there, says Dan Drennen, marketing director for Travel Insurance Center, of Omaha, Neb., which offers travel insurance including coverage for war and terrorism.

Karen Haywood Queen writes about a variety of topics including travel, personal finance and the smart grid. She lives in a popular travel destination: Williamsburg, Va.

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