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Learning to Code

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Executives who learn to code in their spare time strengthen work insights and skills.

Itching to learn a new skill? Some executives have eschewed traditional enrichment classes like sushi making or learning another language for a supremely practical pursuit: coding.

Even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in January that his New Year’s resolution was to learn coding, and that he had signed up for an online class.

Why learn to code? Today’s dilettante coders are motivated by a number of factors:

  • Management Insights. With escalating business dependence on software, websites and apps, understanding the basics of coding is an essential way to comprehend the world today.

  • Work Projects, DIY-Style. Some executives pursue programming to fill a specific need: to create a website, for example, or organize their company’s customer information into a cohesive database.

  • Career Lift. Even if you are not looking to become a software or web developer, having a basic understanding of coding and developing the critical thinking and the logic that are necessary in this field will give your résumé an edge.

Check out these online coding classes to see which best fits your own motivation.

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