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Luxury RV: The Ultimate Road Trip

© Joe McBride / Getty Images

Hit the road in a luxury RV, where the amenities are lavish, the sites are spectacular and the word hurry is virtually nonexistent.

Not Your Grandfather’s RV

No longer does eschewing a hotel mean not enough showers, long nights in a hot tent and food with an expiration date of 2015. Whether your recreational vehicle of choice is a motor vehicle or a trailer, many companies and campgrounds are taking their luxury amenities and quality to the next level. Floors and countertops are made with the highest quality wood and granite, Internet connectivity is lightning speed and gourmet meals are delivered straight to your door, according to Eileen Sodell of Roaming Times, a website dedicated to the RV lifestyle. “They truly feel like a home on wheels,” says Sodell. “If long-distance travel is your goal, it is the difference between flying coach and flying first class.”

The Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrities, athletes and business executives alike are taking the luxury RV lifestyle to the extreme. Vin Diesel recently purchased a double-decker mobile home valued at $1.1 million. Ashton Kutcher purchased an RV—a “mobile estate,” as he calls it—complete with video surveillance, a conference room and numerous plasma TVs. Companies such as Anderson Mobile Estates, which designed Kutcher’s RV, have even begun marketing their 1,200-square-foot, two-story portable mansions to business executives and companies looking for a new spin on the private jet.

Tips for Purchasing a Luxury RV:

  • Not sure if you’re ready to make the jump? Think about renting, to get a feel for the lifestyle before diving right in.

  • Consider customization. Many Class A luxury RVs are stunning, but try consulting a company that specializes in customization to get the most out of your RV purchase.

  • Don’t skimp on the maintenance facilities and campgrounds. A luxury RV needs to be stationed at a reputable, high-quality campground in order to ensure it receives the proper care.

Jamie Friedlander is a former staff writer at Executive Travel.

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