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Top Airport Lounges for Business Travelers

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A long flight layover doesn’t have to mean disrupting your work schedule. Thanks to these lounges, business travelers can still get down to business en route.

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Seasoned travelers love to complain about flying, but for most of us, the bigger problem is actually the airport itself. Nowhere to sit, high prices for bad food, long lines…after spending an hour or two getting to the gate, chances are your mood is already as bad as it’s going to get all day.

For business travelers, the problem is even worse. While most airport terminals have a few desks, an electrical outlet or two and wireless access that you may or may not have to pay for, getting work done is rarely possible amid the roar of screaming children, the fear that your bag may be stolen at any moment and the constant drone of the PA system begging Mr. Smith to please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Luckily, for many of us, the solution to such terminal travel woes can be found in airport lounges.

Since 1939, when American Airlines opened the first Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport, lounges have become an increasingly popular way to give a little something extra to VIP travelers—particularly those flying in business class or first class. Free drinks and meals, comfortable seating, full bathrooms with showers and even spa services are now routinely available at the world’s top lounges.

But since many of the travelers who frequent them are top-tier executives, lounges are now also doing more to provide business-friendly services and amenities for their guests. And while a new videoconferencing system may not generate the same level of buzz as, say, a lounge’s artisanal cocktail bar or hot-stone massages, it can be undeniably important to those of us who travel (at least most of the time) in order to get work done.

The lounges on our carefully scouted list strive to encompass all the business-friendly extras that can help you stay productive en route, whether that means high-tech work stations and conference rooms, a personal assistant to fax your documents, or a whiskey lounge and private bathtub for relaxing before your big presentation. We’ve also made sure to include both ultra-luxe lounges (accessible only with a first class plane ticket) as well as more affordable, “pay-in” lounges, which are open to anyone for an hourly rate. So whether you find yourself needing to tap out a few quick emails or manage an urgent corporate crisis, consider one of these spots as your personal satellite office.

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