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Study: More travelers use mobile devices for online trip purchasing

Maybe your smart phone or tablet is fine for checking schedules and getting flight alerts, but would you use it to buy and pay for travel services? According to a new survey, the answer is yes for an increasing number of users.

A survey conducted for online travel giant Expedia by comScore found that of all travelers who own a mobile device, 61 percent have made a purchase on a tablet in the past six months, while 51 percent have done so on a smart phone, “showing that travelers are more likely to purchase travel on tablets vs. smart phones,” Expedia said.

Part of what’s driving the trend is the increasing availability of apps specialized for mobile device purchasing, the company noted. About 60 percent of mobile airline bookings and 56 percent of hotel bookings were made through mobile apps.

Four out of five smart phone owners and nine out of 10 tablet owners who booked a trip via their device said they would do so again, the study found. “With the steady growth of mobile adoption and content consumption, we’ve seen an increase in on-the-go travel planning—more than one-third of mobile device owners, according to the study,” said Expedia’s Noah Tratt.

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