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Vacation Rental Sites Can Mean Business, Too

Vacation Rental Sites
© Wimdu.

While traveling, the feeling of staying in a “home away from home” can be, well, nice. Perhaps that’s one reason there’s been a proliferation of “peer-to-peer” lodging sites, such as VRBO, Airbnb and Wimdu, in which you rent someone’s entire home, apartment or room. is an aggregator that lists multiple services. Guests post reviews, and invariably you’ll either meet or exchange information with the home’s owner. Sometimes the owner will play host, not unlike a B&B, and give advice about local sites and things to do. The site, which lists upscale homes to rent in London and now New York City, goes a step further by supplying homes with “five-star hotel linens and toiletries” and lending guests, for the duration of their stay, an iPhone loaded with local tips and helpful videos recorded by the home’s owner. The site plans to launch an “unhotel” in every major world city. Viva la living like a local.

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