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United’s most frequent flyer sets another record

You think you log a lot of miles in the air? Compared to United’s favorite customer of all time, you’re probably nothing more than a rank amateur. The airline announced last week that its most frequent flyer has set a new mileage record.

Tom Stuker, an automotive sales consultant with homes in suburban Chicago and New Jersey, captured a lot of attention in the summer of 2011 when he became the first customer ever to log 10 million career miles on United and United Express flights.

But on December 6, aboard a flight from London to Chicago, Stuker set a new mark by flying 1 million United miles in a single calendar year. By comparison, the U.S. State Department estimates that Hillary Clinton—who has captured the title of most miles flown by any Secretary of State—has logged less than a million miles in her four years in that job.

According to United, Stuker has been on some 400 of its flights during 2012, and 6,000 in his lifetime. His million-mile achievement is the equivalent of flying around the world 40 times. “Cruising at 570 miles per hour, a single non-stop flight of 1 million miles would land 73 days after takeoff,” United noted.

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