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Airline Seats Get Wider

Airline Seats Get Wider
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Airlines are coming up with myriad fees to boost their bottom line, and here’s another potential one: paying for a wider seat. Airbus plans to offer airlines the option of installing “extra-wide” economy seats on its A320 aircraft. The configuration would replace a row of three 18-inch-wide seats with a 20-inch seat on the aisle and 17 inches for the middle and window seats (the width of Boeing’s economy seats). The wider seats may be offered at a premium for those who require more room or as a reward for frequent flyers. A number of airlines are reportedly interested in the seating configuration, which could be available by the end of this year. Meanwhile, United is upgrading its fleet of Airbus A319 and A320 domestic jets with slimline Recaro seats in economy and EconomyPlus that will add nearly an extra inch of legroom due to a slimmer seatback and relocation of the magazine compartment to the top of the seat.

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