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Heathrow Express Announces Major Upgrade

Heathrow Express
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The train between Heathrow and London’s city center is getting an upgrade.

Heathrow Express, the train that carries 16,000 passengers daily between Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station in London, has begun an initiative that will enhance the enterprise’s carriages, technology (website, mobile apps) and customer experience. The project was developed over three years and represents a US$25 million investment. Upgrades will be rolled out in phases that began in April.

Apparently travelers love London. The city has earned the highest reputation rating in Reputation Institute’s 2011 City RepTrak, an annual study that assesses public perceptions of 100 cities in 59 countries. Top-ranked U.S. cities were San Francisco, which came in 23rd, and New York, at 25th.


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