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World's Best Photo Vacations

© Courtesy of Adriatic2alps.com

You’ll return from these photography vacations with a memory card brimming with magazine-worthy snapshots.

Photographs have the phenomenal ability to tether us to a place; to capture a secret smile of a child behind a doorway; to memorialize a chance encounter with an unfrequented path; to summon up sensual memories like the clamor and spicy scent of a souk. But good photos don’t happen by accident. Lou Lesko, a photographer, author and editor at National Geographic Assignment Blog, offers this advice to camera-clad vacationers: “Explore, explore, explore, shoot, shoot, shoot.”

Photographers around the world seem to agree with Lesko’s basic philosophy and have created outdoor classrooms where exploration and shutter clicks combine to build the skills and confidence needed to bring home not only fond memories from your next vacation, but also the most treasured souvenir of all—great photos. Here are five photography vacations to zoom in on.

Kimberley Lovato is a freelance writer based in San Francisco who has learned everything she knows about taking photos by pestering her best friend—a photographer.

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