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Vacations at PGA Golf Courses

© Courtesy of Kiawah Island Golf Resort
Head to these PGA golf courses to have fun—and relive tournament moments.

Among its many virtues, golf can create the sublime moment when Joe Average pulls off a shot no professional could top. In the midst of a typical round, the stars align: Joe's ball soars from a dicey lie up over the trees, a patch of marsh or a pool of water to a spot just two or three feet from the hole. These scrapbook moments feel wonderful on your local course, but they're immeasurably more thrilling at a world-class venue known for hosting important pro tournaments. As it turns out, most pro tour stops are at private clubs—fine for a one-day outing if you can gain access. For an extended getaway, targetone of the luxury golf resorts that host tournaments for the game's elite. To play where the pros play, consider these five options.

DAVID GOULD is co-founder of TheAPosition.com and has been executive editor of Travel + Leisure Golf.

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