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Best Technology Blogs

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Stay abreast of the latest news with these essential technology blogs.

There’s only so much insight into the tech biz that you’re going to get from skimming The New York Times with your morning coffee. Tech blogs are an essential resource for anyone with more than a passing interest in the industry. Here are our picks for the best blogs out there, split up by audience. Whatever type of techie you are, we’ve got you covered. Traffic ranking information is courtesy of Alexa (alexa.com). The lower the number, the greater the traffic.

1. Technology Blog: The Early Adopter

The guy—yeah, it’s usually a guy—for whom so many tech blogs are written wants to know about every gadget; every software update, however minor; and every spy shot of every piece of gizmo packaging. All rumors are fair game—the truth will come out eventually.


The most notable early gadget blog keeps on trucking. Notoriously broke the news of the iPhone 4 after purchasing an allegedly stolen handset.
gizmodo.com (Rank: 439)


Gizmodo’s archrival and equally worth your time. The pitched battle between these two sites keeps both on their toes.
engadget.com (Rank: 309)

Boy Genius Report

BGR is relatively new to the scene but continues to impress readers with its blazingly fast reporting, some of which turns out to be true.
boygeniusreport.com (Rank: 5,629)


This TechCrunch spinoff offers gadget reporting and plays rumor central, without quite as much snark.
crunchgear.com (Rank: 2,604)

2. Technology Blog: The Harried Executive

He’ll never be able to explain the intricacies of Picasa vs. Flickr—he knows, he just doesn’t care. Our busy exec wants to hit the high points of the tech world well enough to hold his own at a cocktail party while not appearing so geeky as to get shunted into the corner with the pocket-protector set.


The original tech metablog and some of the most essential online tech reading. It aggregates tech news from across the web and puts it one place in real time.
techmeme.com (Rank: 7,660)


Impossible to ignore. Getting coverage on TechCrunch is now considered a requirement for companies trying to make it in the web business.
techcrunch.com (Rank: 360)

Ars Technica

The grande dame of the blogging scene, Ars specializes in thoughtful yet easy-to-digest analysis of the day’s tech news.
arstechnica.com (Rank: 2,141)


Though no longer its own entity, Valley wag remains the rude and brash stepchild of Silicon Valley, bringing down the mighty with liberal doses of rumor and innuendo.
valleywag.com (Rank: 743,453)

3. The Gadget Fiend

Like the Early Adopter, the Gadget Fiend wants to know about the latest and greatest gizmos—but then he actually goes out and buys them. Serious, in-depth and unbiased reviews are key, as is finding good deals.


Probably the most comprehensive gadget reviews site on the web, CNET manages to cover nearly everything.
cnet.com (Rank: 79)

PC World

The web presence of the last major computer magazine in the country.
pcworld.com (Rank: 682)

Tom’s Hardware Guide

Curious about LGA 1366 motherboards? Tom’s Hardware digs deep, with 20 pages’ worth of testing.
tomshardware.com (Rank: 1,248)


Not quite as in-depth as Tom’s, but exhaustive in its approach to testing tech products large and small.
anandtech.com (Rank: 3,959)

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