Executive Travel Magazine

November/December 2013

The Technology Issue

This, Executive Travel’s annual technology issue, is about making smart decisions to ensure that technology works for you, not against you. There really are ways you can exploit technology so that you’re more productive and better connected, and this issue shows you how.

Let our Best in Tech Awards 2014 be your buying guide for smart new tools.

Learn to harness the power of LinkedIn (and not just for job hunting).

Read our tips on how to hack-proof your gear when you travel.


Pilots call on their years of experience and extensive information to navigate storms safely.


Looking for a well-priced hotel room in the dead of night? Or how about a comfy airport lounge with free drinks? These business travel apps will both streamline and enrich your travels.


The US Airways/American Airlines merger may delay the industry's trend towards revenue-based loyalty programs.


Russia's historic capital is a bustling business city today.


Understanding employees' strengths can lead to more productive meetings.


Executive Travel's technology editor looks into his crystal ball to forecast what's ahead for the next year in tech.


Navigate and reap the benefits of the world's biggest business database, five minutes at a time.


Data security is a challenge for business travelers. Here's how to outsmart the bad guys.


These driving experiences put adrenaline in high gear.


Capture the moment—on a business or leisure trip—with the newest cameras.


Being a mentor--and being mentored--broadens your outlook and can bring unexpected results.


How do you come across on the screen? These pointers will ensure you're projecting the image you want during virtual meetings.


To small business owners, an employee's ability to fit into company culture can be as important as talent.

Even if you're working in a cubicle, your workspace can look and function like you're the one in the corner office.


The city's downtown has enjoyed a revitalization in recent years that has attracted new dining options within easy reach of business travelers.


These fitness devices track everything from your run to your sleep, and boost your motivation in the process.


This CEO's passion for the City of Brotherly Love is as strong as his company's lauded artisanal coffees.


What’s up our suit sleeve this time? Executive Travel has 12 hints for scoring top travel perks when booking a hotel room, renting a car, jumping on an airplane and more.

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From Amsterdam to Australia, these airport art exhibits are worth the trip alone.

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From a sprawling 47th-floor room in Tokyo with Mount Fuji views to a 200,000-square-foot fitness zone in Seattle, these hotel gyms inspire you to get moving.

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Whether your purpose is business or leisure, a stay at any of these iconic hotels means basking in history and relaxing in luxury.

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As airlines vie for the lucrative business of executive travelers, the quality of their premium offerings continues to climb to stratospheric heights. Read on for our 12 favorites.

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