Executive Travel Magazine

October 2008

Design and travel

Airport, aircraft and hotel design enhancements offer business travelers relief from a stressful lifestyle.

Smart, green and effective design is the one aspect of travel that promises to enhance the passenger's experience. Updated airport and aircraft design takes the traveler as a person into account, with inviting waiting areas, shorter walks from curb to plane, and answers for the needs of today's gadget-slinging passengers. The popularity of green initiatives in hotels is helping to promote a better environment for both the traveler and the earth, from improving air circulation to loaning bikes to guests.

Sometimes the best tools come without a package—or a price tag. Download these free software packages to ramp up productivity.
From yoga rooms to collaboration spaces, how to get the most from your workspace and your teams.
Improved design at airports and hotels promises to create a more positive experience for business travelers.
Along with rapid growth in the private-jet segment of air travel, aircraft interior design is a booming business.
When a crisis hits or the business environment becomes brutal, strong leadership can mean the difference between success and failure.
Around the globe, artisanal producers are turning out unparalleled local beers. Here, 10 of our favorites.
South Africa's largest city promises if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find treasure.
U Street is an emerging neighborhood rich in history and jazz—and a visual counterpoint to the city’s sparkling monuments.
There’s one more way to impress your clients: Take them to dinner with the A-list.
Frame your face with our picks for updated eyewear.
The Open Skies agreement may seem like a sunny proposition, but its repercussions for passengers are not so clear.
Readers tell us how they really feel about their travels.
Some frequent-fliers believe that award seats are getting increasingly hard to redeem. What is the reality?
Your business card is one of your most valuable tools, yet all too often the card’s design stacks the deck against you.
Northwestern University will serve up menus from airlines' glory years.
A new way for groups to enjoy a lofty dining experience—suspended 160 feet in the air.
Properties will get ‘communication hub’ in lobbies where guests can surf the internet and stay connected.
Global hotel group adds a number of new five-star hotels called Grand Millennium.
Chain offers interactive electronic games to guests now being featured in ten Westins nationwide.
Budget's program for small businesses will offer $3 million in rebates and other benefits.
New premium A340 service will now operate from EWR and LAX making it the first all-business class flights between North America and Asia for the chain.
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