Executive Travel Magazine

November/December 2008

Power Up

New technology means new ways to get work done faster, cheaper (sometimes) and with more flare.

At the heart of our annual technology issue is the quest for ways to improve productivity on the road. Our technology editor highlights the products he has seen in the marketplace that will be must-haves for business travelers in 2009. Plus, new Web sites and communication modes have a huge impact in the workplace. We explore instant messaging as a business tool, as well as ways employees from different generations accomplish work tasks with vastly different technology tools.

Every year, thousands of high-tech products hit the market. Among the dozens of laptops, hundreds of cell phones and thousands of accessories released this year, surprisingly few are worth your attention.
Instant messaging is no longer only for kids—it’s a business productivity tool.
Giving a team presentation is a whole different ball game than meeting one-on-one. These strategies will help you seal the deal in the conference room.
Like it or not, the way you present yourself is almost as important as your words. Do you need an image makeover?
What they can—and can't—do for your company.
Everything you need to know about giving back while getting away.
Whether you run, dive or fly, this season’s timepieces are engineered with pliable wrist straps well suited to your active lifestyle.
Landing a job as a commercial pilot seems like hitting the jackpot, but what's the truth behind this seemingly glamorous life?
The Donald Trump name will appear on hotels worldwide. Trump's collection is expected to expand in New York and Ft. Lauderdale.
Whether in black or white, the new Virgin Atlantic AmEx card can earn up to 22,500 Flying Club bonus miles in your first year.
With a booming tech industry and an appreciation for new ideas, Austin welcomes an influx of outsiders—but the city doesn’t plan to let go of its traditions.
With barbecue season just around the corner, these standout grills offer new features and power.
Mumbai is booming with new industries and long-established multinationals.
James Beard Foundation Award nominees are culinary rising stars and worthy choices for client entertaining.
Designers create power-assisted suitcase, security-friendly laptop cases and other on-the-go features.
Five-star brand expands aggressively and will double by 2011.
Californian converts jumbo jet into a residence.
New site links up executives while in transit. Registered users can post their layover details and set up meetings.
Save on cell phone calls to the U.S. by buying a prepaid SIM card that is discounted for international calls.
Hotel loyalty programs came onto the travel scene 25 years ago. Despite some bumps in the road, they've been very successful-for hotels and travelers.
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