Executive Travel Magazine

May/June 2008

The insider issue

Tips and tricks of business travel, courtesy of those behind the scenes and those who've seen it all.

With this issue of Executive Travel, we want to help you increase your stash of business travel strategies, so we hunted down dozens of tips that will help upgrade your life on the road. We also delved into elite brands and their allure. How do marketers position luxury products, and how are their tactics changing? Finally, you could say that a concierge is the ultimate insider.

Luxury consumers want insider status, and marketers have found new ways to brand products that promise to get them there.
Great concierges use their connections to work magic for hotel guests. How do they do it, and what can you learn from them?
New websites benefit business travelers and allow them to link up and stay connected on the road.
To find some true solitude, you need to be willing to sweat a bit.
Calgary's contrasts are its allure: urban intertwines with organic, historic blends with modern, and cowboys cross paths with executives.
With a highly efficient airport, terrific hotels and a superb business environment, this island country is the ideal destination for business travelers - and after hours, you'll find plenty of ways to kick back.
These cigars would make stellar additions to any well-stocked humidor.
Save time, money and your sanity (not necessarily in that order) with these business travel tips!
‘Tis the season when loyalty programs bestow new credentials on frequent fliers based on last year's travel records.
What makes an airport rank high or low on a pilot's list?
New phones incorporate keyboards in all shapes and sizes to make texting as easy as talking.
Make getting ready in the morning a snap by matching just the right neckwear with a striped dress shirt fresh from the dry cleaner.
Restaurants with late closings can be life savers when you arrive in a city after-hours.
Delta overhauls business-class cabins on international aircrafts by remodeling and providing new features.
Internet-based services let you attend meetings and seminars at your desk..
Hotel chain plan on opening a new brand of boutique hotels by 2010 in nine cities.
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