Executive Travel Magazine

July/August 2008

On the horizon

Forward thinking is essential to the success of every business, it but can be tempting to ignore when keeping the nose to the grindstone.

Innovation. It's critical to success. But what kinds of innovation and problem-solving are really taking place in companies today? And who's behind it? Is innovation truly embraced by those who run the show? Albert Einstein said: "Genius is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration." Innovation should be fostered more than ever during difficult times, and it doesn't necessarily take a bigger budget to start thinking outside the box.

Executive Travel readers have selected the best and brightest companies in the travel industry this year. Are your favorites on the list?
Website will now let duffers see over 5,000 golf courses from above to better your game.
These high–tech devices offer features and capabilities that will capture the imagination of photography enthusiasts.
Look beyond downtown as a hub for your next trip to Los Angeles: Abbot Kinney offers a rich history, a beach culture, and the hippest hotels and restaurants.
Zurich is defying its once-stuffy reputation by attracting foreigners and big business.
Twentysomethings are independent, tech-savvy, social and optimistic. Then why are these "kids" so hard to manage? These tips are targeted to sales teams, but they're equally useful for all managers coaching Millennials to success.
A meal becomes a dramatic experience when dishes are prepared at the table.
Creativity is one thing; creativity tied to business results is another. Here's how to make it happen.
We’ve assembled an entire kit of grooming items that can zip right through airport security without any controversy. Because each item consists of a solid base, rather than liquid, they have all been cleared for take–off. No more confiscation, no more clear plastic bags. All you need to add is toothpaste.
Baseball-uniform history repeats itself, one handcrafted jersey at a time.
Innovation isn't a luxury reserved for prosperous times. In fact, a shot of innovation could be just what your company needs to thrive in this economy.
The newest technology is helping even non-techies get their destinations more easily. We scouted 11 innovations you'll love to have as travel companions.
The hotel room of the future may be here already, and in a most unlikely location: Delaware.
For those who wish to play it cool, Avis now features rental convertibles and a music give away.
The G650 will be the manufacturer's biggest, fastest, longest-range business jet to date.
Savvy travelers book award tickets months in advance. But when the airline later adjusts its schedule, you'll need some tricks up your sleeve.
More foreign countries are banning smoking in aircrafts.
World's leading airports open state-of-the-art terminals in Singapore, Heathrow, Beijing and JFK.
With 31 spas at 17 airports, Xpresspa makes it possible to destress at the airport.
Survey finds demand to stay connected and have all multitasking needs met at hotels.
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