Executive Travel Magazine

September 2008


Executive Travel guides you through one of the most important business cities in the world.

Our London is off the beaten path and particularly appealing to business travelers. In this issue, we get you up–to–speed on one of the most fascinating—and rapidly changing—aviation hubs in the world. As the "Open Skies" agreement takes hold, the London routes are probably changing faster than any others in the world. We give you a birds–eye view of this quickly evolving aviation scene. We also present a unique guidebook of sorts for London, built on the premise that by slowing down, getting off the tourist path and exploring, you'll see a side of the city that you haven't before.

Five expanding airports, airlines coming and going, and a green-centric consumer base are creating open skies and open possibilities.
London can be the perfect jumping off point for these off-the-beaten path ways to experience the U.K.
Lloyd Lee views the financial capital of the world through the lens of an American expatriate.
Whether you're queuing for same-day tickets or booking a luxe tour, Wimbledon is the ultimate experience for true aficionados.
While we may share a common language, dealing with clients or colleagues in the U.K. requires respect for some subtle differences between North American and British business practices.
Tap into what the British already know: There is an exotic and delicious world of tea out there.
Follow these simple rules for great communication during a time of change, and your staff will have a clear understanding of what's ahead and how to handle it.
When you get in the car, put down your cell phone and plug in these smart headsets.
These cabbies are like no others in the world. The job requires years of preparation to pass a test known as the Knowledge, and taxi drivers maintain a noble standard in a city with a pervasive taxi culture that began with the first horseless cab in 1897.
Find out which British designer best suits your style.
The pilot is ultimately responsible for passenger safety. But how can he be sure of the aircraft and its maintenance if he's not a mechanic?
Losing elite status can feel particularly painful in the current economic environment, when airline perks are valuable commodities.
With a growing population and traffic congestions, driving can be hectic. Auto Europe is now featuring rental cars with drivers to make your trip easier.
New facility with 40 gates opens this fall.
Airlines plans to add service to SFO, LAX and O'Hare.
Rental firm plans to expand and targets suburban markets.
A new luxury brand of Thistle Hotel will open a collection of deluxe hotels in Central London.
Expedia ranks best properties for quality and value.
With the new Open Skies Agreement underway, British Airways opens up new routes.
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