Executive Travel Magazine

October 2009

Staying healthy on the road

An apple a day may not keep business travelers away from the doctor. After all, the lifestyle challenges even those who embrace healthy habits at home.

In this issue we offer tips and inspiration for staying well on the road. We profile Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's medical correspondent, to learn how he stays healthy despite his demanding international travel schedule. We also guide you through the sometimes intimidating world of medical insurance for business travelers: You'll learn about coverage "musts" and what to look for in the fine print—especially important if you travel internationally. Then we bust some myths. Learn which common travel health beliefs can really stand up to scrutiny—and which can't.

The renowned CNN correspondent—a consummate business traveler—gives us his advice about staying healthy on the road.
Explore five spa boot camp programs that promise to whip you into shape—while also pampering you in posh surroundings.
When it comes to travel health wisdom, we bust some myths—and find some truths.
Planning and precautions can save the day if you become ill or injured overseas.
In this lively capital city, both Indians and expats are looking for the next big idea.
Not far from the predictable business centers of Houston lies a more hip and eclectic emerging neighborhood.
Trust can erode in a changing business environment. Work to rebuild it in seven steps.
Too much change, too quickly, may result in overload—but smart leaders can manage change in a positive way.
Put one of these gadgets to work as your personal trainer.
It's time to revisit those classic restaurants that have been wowing you—and your clients—for more than 25 years.
Geocaching is a new way to turn almost any trip into an adventure.
These pieces of workout gear double as fashion–forward accessories to keep your exercise routine right on track.
Pilots are well trained to react to aviation incidents. Passengers should take their cue from the cockpit by mentally reviewing emergency procedures prior to every flight.
Getting back up to speed after a vacation is always a challenge.
Guess which one's drivers are rudest?
Hertz revamps its fleet and launches "Green Collection," a range of fuel-efficient vehicles.
Site lets travelers combine itineraries on private jets.
Sprouting around the U.S., each blog highlights city bargains and freebies.
Awards are easier to book this year. But not because airlines are more generous.
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