Executive Travel Magazine

July/August 2009

The customer service issue

Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of service, it's a valuable commodity.

In this issue of Executive Travel, we delve into customer service. First, we look to service's first cousin—employee happiness—and learn that a happy corporate culture has a documented positive trickle–down effect on customers. Then we zero in on what you can do to be on the receiving end of superior customer service while on the road, with tips for preventing and solving problems. A great product doesn't shine without great service, so it's a real pleasure to honor winners of the 2009 Leading Edge Awards--those companies that have walked the walk when it comes to customer service in travel.

Many travel companies are getting it right. Here are the ones at the top of our list.
The colorful personality of this beach city makes it a dynamic and different place to do business.
Just a short ride from Chicago's Loop, Bucktown-with its mix of Bohemian and traditional-is worth exploring.
When was the last time you made a thank-you call? It's time to crank up service a notch.
Selecting the right accessory can reflect and preserve your image.
You can take your customer experience to the next level and maybe even attract better service with these four strategies.
It may be time to revisit your loyalty program to see if it fits your current needs.
By Tom Bie
Every game has its major leagues. In the solitary sport of fly-fishing, Alaska is as big as it gets.
In-room dining at many hotels is being kicked up a notch.
Happy? Don't dismiss the sentiment as soft. Experience shows that happy employees equal happy customers. That means everybody else-including the boss and the shareholders-will be happy, too.
Firms see customer service opportunities by joining Twitter. More travel agencies are using this social network to better promote services, specials and to update travel conditions.
Enterprise dedicates 80 locations to gas sippers.
Agency tries anti-forgery technology which aims at preventing forged boarding passes.
Marriot is now featuring special treadmills that will let you walk and work at the same time.
J.D. Power cites importance of service in tough times.
The Strip gets another massive new project slated to open in late 2009.
This experimental program, which uses body scanners, is being tested at airports around the U.S.
Abu Dhabi nonstop service starts in September at O' Hare.
Safety always comes first. But if airlines no longer attract quality pilots, even safety may be in danger.
With recession pressure on sales, the short-term temptation is to lower your prices—but that may not be the best move for the long-term.
Don't write off these classic brands: They innovated then, and they're innovating now.
In the 1960s, Singapore Airlines initiated a marketing campaign which, over the years, has elevated its flight attendants-Singapore Girls-to icon status.
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