Executive Travel Magazine

September 2009

Old cities, new ways

Europe is familiar ground to most business travelers, but here everything old is new again.

The geography of the European Union has expanded over the last decade, and its economic landscape has also shifted. Business opportunities still exist in the EU, but many have migrated from region to region. Our goal for this issue of Executive Travel is to present an update for business travelers—a challenging task when discussing a continent that considers itself a union but consists of member states with different cultures, varied economies and an array of languages.

No matter your level of culinary skill, Europe has sizzling opportunities for your next cooking-school vacation.

A case study illustrates the ever changing landscape of foreign direct investment in Europe.

The problems facing carriers on the continent are very different from those confronting U.S. airlines.

Finding the right method of language study can help you learn to communicate with confidence.
It's time to revisit those classic restaurants that have been wowing you-and your clients-for more than 25 years.
Executive Travel's guide to 15 of Europe's capitals is tailored to the business traveler.

The diplomatic center of Europe is shaking off its musty image.

Whether you're a jet-setter or a casual voyager, pick a passport carrier that fits your travel style.
What's worse: The fact that your phone is rendered useless in Europe, or the fact that your phone worked fine—but then the giant bill arrived?
Healing Hotels of the World focus on keeping guest healthy and relaxed.
New hefty seat belts may contain an airbag for your protection.
Petitions seeking to open up Cuban travel and lift the 50-year ban.
Site tracks specific locations of commercial flights using live data directly from the Federal Aviation Administration.
One–way awards, recently introduced by American’s AAdvantage program, have some surprising benefits.
Due to customer complaints, Delta has terminated reservation centers in India.
New carrier, Pet Airways, offers pet-friendly travel for your four legged friend.
For those who research hotels beforehand, visitors can now have every rant and rave consolidated.
Continental is due to switch to Star Alliance, breaking business with rival SkyTeam.
Using cell phones and other electronic devices may interfere with an aircraft's electronic and navigation systems, as well as put passengers and crew at risk.
Avoid overload and impossible expectations by making the right calls at the right time.
Understanding a prospective customer needs-and making the sale-may require something as simple as slowing down and staying quiet.
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