Executive Travel Magazine

October 2010

The hotel issue

Here's how to get the most from your hotel stay.

Airlines seem to get the most passionate ink about business travel, but in the demanding frenzy of a multiday business trip, the hotel itself has the longest–lasting impact to the traveler. It can be a haven from the incredibly demanding pace of such trips. A hotel room offers peace and quiet to replenish your mind, body and spirit, and the property's other offerings have the ability to augment productivity when you're on the road.

Declining room rates are opening up opportunities for travelers and hotels.
You've landed safely, but you still need to get around an unfamiliar city. Getting from Point A to Point B has never been easier—or more fun—thanks to technology.
Hotels are increasingly using secret programs, as well as extraordinary and extravagant service, to cajole loyalty from their best customers.
These epicurean rafting vacations will leave you hungry for adventure.
The CEO of Ski Utah may be charged with promoting the ultimate winter experience, but he's a fan of Salt Lake City year–round.
In a city known for bright lights and high energy, patience and observation power the most successful business relationships.
Can you imagine being away from home 250 nights a year? Hotels' most frequent guests find ways to love their lives on the road.
It's easy to cry foul when loyalty program miles expire without members' knowledge. But is regulating how and when programs inform members about expiration dates the answer?
Clear communication in the cockpit is essential to safety. But for pilots and air traffic controllers, language can sometimes be a barrier.
As the economic recovery builds, are you at risk of losing your best employees?
These restaurants go beyond fine food or ambience—they exude personality because the maitre d' or owner brings the establishment to life.
Money clips add swank and cut the clutter.
Humidors keep your cigars up to snuff.
From high-tech (laptop touchdown spots) to low–tech (windows), these special features of a revamped meeting space have opened up a wealth of opportunities.
Customer service holes on the front line often signal a lack of leadership at the top. Here's how to lead your staff to deliver superior service.
Big hotel chains will add more hotels through out the city.
Most business travelers must pay out of pocket.
Teneros tracks employees' activity online.
New site combines your balances on one page.
Plan calls for 50 percent more hotels in five years.
Dubai-based group creates VENU hotels.
New York offers the nation's broadest range of options for recreation and entertainment, the study says.
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