Executive Travel Magazine

May/June 2010

Up, up and away

From the onboard experience to behind–the–scenes technology, we dig into air travel.

In this issue, we look at where aviation is today and where it is headed. NextGen is good news for business travelers–safer, faster, greener flights–and we let you know how your flying experience will change with this new system of systems. We also key you in on new safety enhancements working behind the scenes during your flight. And on the softer side of aviation, we do a reality check with flight attendants. Life at 35,000 feet is a brave new world.

Flight attendants once reflected the glamour of air travel, serving four-course meals, chatting with passengers and globetrotting. Now with lower pay, greater responsibilities and little respect, they are the public face of a stressed-out airline industry.
Imagine a time when flights are on time, use less fuel and offer improved safety. Do we have your attention?
Move over, hot dogs—you’re no longer the only street fare in town. Chefs are taking their upscale meals to the streets via trucks, trailers and carts.
Unexpected connections: Michelle Obama, John Dillinger, Catholic saints. Stories and surprises await those who trace their family history
Bloomingdale's CEO has a view of the city shaped by his retail roots.
A culture of candor in Israel's second largest city means decisions are made quickly and confidently. As a result, Tel Aviv has quickly become one of the Middle East's strongest high tech and financial centers.
Looking for a getaway? Take a trip to outer space with Orbital Hotel. Opening in 2012, Orbital will be the first planned resort in space.
You shouldn't demand change. You should inspire it.
These shirts—available in every color imaginable—can work wonders with your travel wardrobe. Just be sure you're wearing them right.
Aim for the stratosphere in your next extreme adventure.
Starwoods's Element Hotels will be installing electric vehicle charging stations for bikes, cars and buses.
Website service tracks fresh seat avalibilty for its customers.
Sentry's non-hotel venue is first of more to come and offers a top of the line meeting space for banquets, trade shows, events and more.
We offer two paths to a home office setup: one expensive, one affordable, both excellent.
A new generation of systems and software from real time turbulence detection to bird cannons is working behind the scenes to help take the worry out of commercial air travel.
A competent, professional image hangs on more than your appearance and body language: your voice can make or break an impression.
An uncertain future drove Connecticare to delay planning for an annual meeting until the last minute—but the company managed to pull together a highly rated event that came in under budget.
New sports, arts venues boost the city's profile.
The Luthan Hotel and Spa in Riyah Saudi Arabia is the first in a series of female-only themed hotels.
When an incident or delay causes passengers’ nerves to fray, a flight crew’s timely, calm communication goes a long way toward soothing concerns.
Romanian palace is a top draw for visitors.
Budget rents tiny Daimlers in hopes of making driving and parking easier in congested cities.
Get the inside scoop as travel companies and their loyalty programs enter the social media world to tweet and update you with special offers, fares and promotions.
Encouraging reports to think like leaders is not just good business—it also accelerates your agenda and simplifies your life.
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