Executive Travel Magazine

July/August 2010

Customer service

Stellar service is today's Holy Grail. As consumers, we want to experience it; as executives, we want our companies to offer it.

When customer service hits the mark, a story is almost always created, then told and retold in myriad ways, especially via social media. These stories are the brass rings that companies reach for nowadays. On the other hand, service problems are unavoidable and consumers are smarter than ever about how to complain. These stories are also told and retold. We cover both sides of service: how companies leverage social media to serve customers, and how consumers effectively lodge complaints when service fails.

Connecting with customers on a personal, emotional and genuine level is the only meaningful way for companies to rise above the noise.
When a company fails you, it's frustrating. But get practical: Your complaint tactics should depend on what you want to accomplish, and these tips will get companies to listen.
New ships, enhanced onboard amenities and exclusive shoreside adventures are making five–star luxury cruises an even better vacation value.
It's not easy to serve up excellence in the travel business. In 2010, we honor the companies that still manage to deliver true value to customers.
The CEO of Plymouth Rock, a group of insurance companies, takes you on a walk through Boston, a compact city that perfectly suits his ambling lifestyle.
Business is booming in Frankfurt, which offers international business travelers big–city action coupled with a small–town vibe.
Thanks to the iPad, touchscreen computers have come back into favor. Here's how to pick the best one for your needs.
These bags and sleeves keep your laptop safe while helping you stay organized and look the part of a world-class traveler.
Despite initial skepticism, this group of co–workers gelled together when building mini Mardi Gras floats.
The science and best practices of crossing time zones.
Use these tips to book an award ticket and get the best flight possible.
Liquors from Latin America lend a new sophistication to parties and cocktail hours.
The skies are safer because pilots are trained and tested throughout their careers. And trained and tested. And trained and tested.
The latest motorcycles combine eye–catching style with plenty of street smarts for those who have already arrived.
Two luxury hotels offer corporate groups the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art equipment in a relaxing wilderness setting.
The Aussie airline's financial troubles cause it to offer more economy seats.
The Stratosphere attraction allows thrill seekers to free-fall several stories.
Which airlines are taking steps to reduce the vast amount of waste generated each year by the industry?
The airline carrier pledges to upgrade planes and renovate airport lounges.
India's financial capital recovers from terror attack.
Website specializes in TSA-approved beauty products.
Eco-friendly cars are expected to hit rental markets by early 2011.
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