Executive Travel Magazine

September 2010

Why CEOs are on the road

Strong ROI has put business travel back on the map for executives looking to drum up business.

As the economy shifts and opportunities open, CEOs—and the rest of us—hit the road to hold client hands, to seek new customers, to train employees. But always for the same reason: to boost the bottom line. In this issue, we talk to CEOs who know that without face–to–face meetings, they will not be able to grow their businesses in a meaningful way. Experts who crunch the numbers, tell us that business travel pays. And we hear from a psycholo­gist who explains why face–to–face meetings are effective.

A challenging economy means CEOs are traveling to do hands–on work that's usually not seen outside of the executive suite.
Businesses dig into data to seek the best return on their travel dollar.
How the State Department decides when only an in–person meeting will do.
Home Depot’s cofounder, now CEO of the Georgia Aquarium, knows that Atlanta is home to much more than the world's busiest airport.
At the crossroads of the world, business is better than ever.
Don't be held captive by your hotel's cable channels. Instead, take your favorite entertainment—TV, movies, music and radio—with you when you travel.
These hamburger joints take the classic to new levels. Pick yours: grass-fed beef, venison, shrimp or buffalo, topped with a fried egg, red-onion marmalade or brie and pecans.
Stay connected with these three new portable devices for TV watchers on the go.
Pick the perfect pen to add elegance and style to your note-taking or letter-writing.
Focusing on our employees' weaknesses may come naturally to most of us, but assessing and managing their strengths pays off much better.
Collecting first editions offers the thrill of the hunt and a link to the author.
The new tarmac delay rule was written to protect passengers. How good are its odds?

How can you take advantage of a shifting airline landscape? When airlines merge, savvy frequent-flier program members look for opportunities.

How to set goals for yourself (and others) that propel you to new levels of accomplishment.
At its biggest tradeshow of the year, GE Healthcare took a chance by adding a virtual booth available to customers online.
More universities are organizing excursions abroad for alumnus as a new way to reconnect with old memories.
Firm sorts out the rules for global pet travel.
After every 10-watts of power on an electricity–producing stationary bike, guests are rewarded with complimentary meals.
New hotels and food festivals in store for visitors.
Japan's All Nippon Airways now features female–only restrooms on international flights.
Its small hotel rooms are still bigger than some Manhattan apartments, perfect for budget travelers.
Featuring ten floors and 160 rooms, Armani's first hotel joins the ranks of several fashion designers with branded hotels.
Asian and Latin locations head the list of up-and-coming luxury travel destinations in 2010.
Starting in 2011, Avis plans on offering electric cars at European outlets.
When you run into trouble, don't hesitate to call the U.S Department of State's hotline.
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