Executive Travel Magazine

September 2012

Hotel Confidential

Check in on the hotel scene, updated! In this issue of Executive Travel, we’ve uncovered the insider information that will help you make the most of your nights in hotels.

  • Hotel Managers’ Top Tips - Get a look into the colorful lives of five hotel general managers—and read about their best tips for guests.
  • Hotel Secrets: The Ultimate Guide – These fascinating glimpses into hotels’ inner workings (and some trivia) will give you a new perspective during your next stay.
  • New Ways Business Travelers Work in Hotels - Hotels are scrambling to adapt to your new work habits. Find out how!


This unconventional take on Sin City, from the Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, has more to do with community than gambling.


Hotel design evolves to meet the business travelers’ changing needs.


Take a lesson from this commercial airline pilot’s travel habits.


Doing business in Taipei? Bring your sense of adventure, an open mind and plenty of business cards.


What to do when you’re the issue.


Choose the right meeting space for a effective event.

Online hotel gift shops offer everything from beds to bicycles to bath products.


Come out from behind the slides to build sales relationships that pay off.


New distilleries and brands are bringing innovative tastes to the bourbon market.


How to divide frequent flyer miles when a couple splits.


A hotel’s general manager is a source of deep travel expertise.


These just-opened resorts have already earned their buzz as must-visit destinations.


Upgrade your tablet with these accessories.


Culinary options in the nation’s capital are now world class.


With old-school skeleton keys and cutting-edge fobs, some hotels grab your attention before you even enter your room.

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Executive Travel pulls back the velvet curtain to learn the secrets of hoteliers.


With French cooking classes, craft beers for turndown or BMW bikes for exploring, today’s airport hotels offer more than just a place to wait out your layover.

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