The World’s Most Outrageous Yacht Charters

© Angelika Warmuth/dpa/Corbis
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Sure, it's no longer the largest super-yacht in the world (that honor goes to the privately owned 590-foot Azzam), but at 538 feet Eclipse is the largest, most lavish super-yacht you can charter. Launched in 2010, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's nine-deck ship of dreams has room for 36 of your best friends to bunk up in 18 luxury cabins, not to mention the crew of 70 required to keep it afloat. Go ahead and skinny-dip, because pool parties (there are two pools, one of which converts into a dance floor) are sure to stay private thanks to an “anti-paparazzi shield” that fires photo-ruining lasers at cameras. Meanwhile, bulletproof plating and windows ensure that pirates don't stand a chance. If you do want to make a quick escape—or just check out the mainland—there are three helipads and a three-man submarine on board.

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